Wedding Film Packages & Prices

We offer a variety of packages for weddings of all shapes and sizes. There are three primary packages with some optional extra's to choose from, but we'd love for you to get in touch with us so we can tailor them to your needs because every wedding, bride and groom is different.


$2500 /

5 hours of coverage

Full length video of Ceremony & Reception

1x Cinematographer

Short film

$3500 /

8 hours of coverage

5 minutes of cinematic highlights

Full length video of Ceremony & Reception

2x Cinematographer - Multi-cam

Special Set Box

Feature Film

$4500 /

10 hours of coverage

15 minutes of cinematic highlights

Full length video of Ceremony & Reception

3x Cinematographer - Multi-cam

Special Set Box

Movie Poster


You can choose to add any of these options to your package

Same Day Edit

$2000 /

Highlights from your morning preparations, ceremony and vows will be edited into a cinematic video to play at the reception.

Your Special Journey

$2000 /

Pre-Wedding film that tells the story of your journey as a couple. We will film this in advance and play it on the night of the wedding.

Raw Footage

$200 /

Get all of the raw footage, straight from the camera and microphone, delivered in digital form on a hard disk.


Frank Yang

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Zen Pang

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Grassy Hills was started from the love of cinematography and photography. We love capturing beautiful scenes and combining them with sound to create not just a visual, but an emotional moment. 
You’ll notice that good movies have stories. To tell a good story, there must be an introduction, character development, climatic event, and conclusion. We take this same approach and apply it to wedding cinematography so you can play it back and watch it as if it were a movie.

Your wedding is one of the most memorable days of your life, don’t let it fade over time with memory, the most compelling way to capture and relive your treasured day is through artistic cinematography. Our wedding videos are produced not with just handy cams, they are produced by state of the art equipment through the hands of skilled artists.

At Grassy Hills, we capture beautiful moments and create flawless films that allow you to relive the day you we’re united as one.

We will capture your special day from the very start beginning from bride and groom preparations, then moving with you to any cultural ceremonies, until we arrive at the alter where you exchange rings and vows. After which we will collaborate with the photographer to capture the beauty of your relationship on location, and we will end the day with capturing all the important speeches and festivities at the reception